Coaching for changemakers

Helping you increase your social impact and do good, even better.

Adapting to the Coronavirus

To support the many organisations, small businesses and self-employed whose work and wellbeing are affected in these unprecedented times, we are offering pay what you can afford coaching to a limited number of people and orgs. The impacts of the virus are wide and for example you may wish for support in reordering priorities, adapting your business or campaigning strategy or managing stress.

Several sessions of ongoing coaching, or more intensive pit-stop evaluation of where you are now are both available. Get in touch to discuss how we can help.

What We Do

We work directly with people and organisations who play a catalysing role in creating a better future for all of us. We help them think things through so they can have the greatest impact.

🌳 Social entrepreneurs and ethical businesses who are creating an economy that is fit for the future.🌳

πŸ“£ Campaigners, community activists and other non-profit leaders who are demanding a different 'normal'. πŸ“£

🌍 Fellow social change coaches and consultants who have such influence behind the scenes.🌍

πŸ’ͺFunders and training bodies who enable and guide those leading the way. πŸ’ͺ

We coach anyone whose business or organisation has a positive social and/or environmental ambition - in the interests of creating a more equitable, just and sustainable world.

What changemakers can gain from social impact coaching

Coaching with Catalysts Club helps organisations get to the heart of their social impact ambitions and helps them to bring this vision to life - on their own terms. It is future and action oriented, encourages reflection and is focused on building on your strengths rather than imposing advice.

Through coaching, changemakers will be supported and challenged to;
get clarity on the changes you want and the steps needed / understand what’s holding you back and how to overcome that / find confidence in your strengths and make better use of them / boost your creativity in how you approach your goals / break things down into an action plan that you actually follow.

Whatever type of organisation you're in, coaching with Catalysts Club will give you space to think through any aspect of you social and/or environmental impact, such as;

Auditing your existing work and identifying areas of desired improvement

Assessing your business' mission / vision / values

Looking at how your organisation actually runs, such as your supply chain and employment practices

Considering how to develop your business within the moving political climate

Building more inclusive communities

Connecting with your own purpose and motivations for social entrepreneurship

1:1 coaching

We provide various packages of coaching according to you and/or your team's needs.

Typically 1:1 coaching lasts 3 months, with fortnightly 60-90 minute sessions and on call support in between sessions, but flexible as needed.

We always start with a free introductory review of your current social and/or environmental impact and discussion of your ambitions.

And of course to get to know a bit about each other and see if we are a good match.

Peer coaching programmes

We bring together groups of peers working across the social impact space to help them thrash through real time challenges they face in their work, together. Coaching is all about building your own resourcefulness and finding creative, impactful solutions. Doing that with peers, rather than on your own, can be hugely reinforcing and helpful.

Changemakers can benefit from peer coaching in many ways.

Be coached on specific challenges you are experiencing.

Listen and learn from your peers as they are coached.

Pick up coaching skills to use in your work.

Develop lasting, trusted connections.

Currently recruiting for the following programmes to start spring 2020.

Peer coaching for campaigners

A four-month programme bringing together NGO, charity and social movement campaigners looking to further increase their impact.

Through this programme campaigners will navigate unique challenges, such as:

How to build your movement sustainably

Influencing the changing political context

Managing dynamics within your team or organisation

Building your own confidence in leadership roles.

Four monthly sessions, each three hours and online.

Peer coaching for B Leaders

A four-month programme bringing together trained B Leaders who are working to advance the ethical business mission of B Corp.

Through this programme B Leaders will navigate unique challenges, such as:

Connecting with potential clients.

Navigating the practicalities of the B Corp accreditation.

Finding support when they need extra guidance.

Managing personality dynamics with clients.

Four monthly sessions, each three hours and online.

Our story

A long-time campaigner and facilitator within NGOs and non-profits, Lucy Hawthorne set up Catalysts Club because she was frustrated with the lack of agency many people feel in shaping the world around them, and how this fuels apathy and inaction in a time of complex crisis. As the requirement for urgent action to build a better world becomes ever more pressing, it’s vital that the people and organisations that are driving solutions are as ambitious and effective as they can be.

This is where coaching comes in.

At its very core, coaching about is helping people expand their belief in what is possible and what they can do to create the world they want to live in. It is inherently human and based in the real world. What we want to happen matched against what actually is happening - and how to make up the difference.

But too often, there is a lack of focus on the human factors involved in creating social change - our own confidence, beliefs and ways of interacting with others – and how these personal factors influence our professional impact. Catalysts Club offers a space to bring the two together.

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