Facilitation and learning design

Playful, practical facilitation for changemakers


Facilitation topics

The kinds of things I can help with;Theory of change, impact strategyMission, vision and valuesVirtual facilitation trainingBuilding networks and communitiesAction planning and prioritisationCampaign strategy

When I can help you

Single sessions or ongoing programmes;Away Days for your team and/or boardStrategic and operational planning processesWorkshops and trainingLarge set piece eventsTeambuilding days (just for fun)

Some things you can expect;• A coaching facilitation style.
• Warmth, pragmatism, intuition, tight prioritisation while expanding on the big questions.
• You won't be bored!
• Handling difficult subjects more effectively with lightness and play (Improv, Lego Serious Play).
• Qualified coach and personality profiler (DISC).
• Positively framed campaigning that builds long term engagement and shifts in ways of thinking and acting.
• Experiential and peer-peer learning.
• Virtual facilitation, specialising in building the skills of those who are not already tech wizards.
• Trained mediator and experienced in conflict resolution.

Who I love working with

I work with businesses and organisations who play a catalysing role in creating a better future for all of us. I help them think things through so they can have the greatest impact.

🌳 Social entrepreneurs and purpose driven businesses who are creating an economy fit for the future🌳🙏Charities and community groups who are supporting people locally 🙏📣 Campaigners, community activists and other non-profit leaders who are demanding a different 'normal' 📣🌍 Fellow social change coaches and consultants who have such influence behind the scenes🌍💪Funders and training bodies who enable and guide those leading the way 💪

About me

I'm a campaigner at heart, using facilitation to help organisations committed to social justice and sustainability to boost their impact.Before shifting to full-time facilitation, I worked for well over a decade in the UK NGO, charity and community sectors, specialising in campaigning and influencing. I worked right across the board, with organisations of all sizes and with all kinds of social and environmental focuses. In 2020 my work was nominated for Voluntary Sector Campaign of the Year for leading a sector-wide collaboration to successfully ban fracking (PRCA Awards).Over the years I realised I was way more intrigued by the psychology of change, and what motivated and moved people, rather than the actual work of doing to persuading and influencing. Once this clicked, I made the shift to facilitation with a focus on working with organisations where my campaigning mentality adds a level of depth and impact to strategy work. This combination of a deep understanding of social change strategy and skills in learning design and delivery is my unique contribution.

Sample projects and reviews

Lucy is my kind of facilitator. A calm, considered person who is a powerhouse of listening. Her mind is constantly figuring out how to better explain things to anyone who might be struggling when other facilitators may not have noticed. She has an apparently endless creative reservoir of ideas and new ways of looking at things that doesn't fail to engage the widest range of people. She is the kind of person you would always want in the room.
Participant, five-month Community Renewal Fund programme

“Lucy was brilliant. Not only is she a talented facilitator she is one of the best on-line facilitators have ever seen. Never mind what I learned on the course, I learned just as much about how to present, connect and engage using Zoom for example. Brilliant form Lucy. The best yet.”
Social enterprise peer learning programme participant, School for Social Entrepreneurs, UK

“The playfulness and open dialogue that was then so firmly rooted in action and next steps. We covered so much ground but how the threads were coming together. Really loved the Lego, and thought it produced some excellent conversations and made us think laterally. Lucy was great and I think the learnings from this session will be foundational to our work for the next few months.’”
Members Away Day, The DOT Project, UK

“Lucy’s facilitation skills are unrivalled. She helped us answer some big strategic questions our organisation has been grappling with for a long time, while also ensuring we were sensitive to internal politics – delivering outcomes the whole senior team has bought into. It’s just not something we could have done without her help! And she somehow also made the session really fun and engaging. Lucy has transformed facilitation into an art form!”
Operational planning, CPRE - the countryside charity, London

“Lucy's clear sightedness and facilitation of workshops was invaluable to helping us achieve our outcomes. She was able to cut through the tangle of consultation responses to really grab and highlight the key issues that we wanted to explore. The work that Lucy has done with us is being used as a springboard to change elements of the industry. I am highly recommending Lucy as a facilitator and for her delivery of complex subjects making them collaborative and engaging.”
Sector networking and collaborative planning, Plantlife, UK

“Working with Lucy was a delight! She worked with us to facilitate a whole team session to produce a Theory Of Change plan for our LGBT+ DA Inclusion project; demonstrating great people skills with excellent insight into how to get the best out of a team. Lucy kept everyone on board with often challenging stuff; treating everyone with respect and empathy, ensuring contributions from the whole team were able to be given, heard and considered. This wasn’t something just taken off the shelf; the session was tailored to our individual needs and in doing so, resulted in a piece of work that truly reflects what we need to do and how we’re going to do it, all with a clear vision of the difference it will make.”
Theory of Change workshop, Young Women's Housing Project, Sheffield

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